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Introducing the Summer Edition of Seasons Magazine

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Introducing the Summer Edition of Seasons Magazine

It’s finally here! Yesterday, the summer edition of Blair Senior Services, Inc.’s Seasons magazine was distributed in the Altoona Mirror, and it is still available at senior centers throughout Blair County and at select local businesses. Seasons is a quarterly magazine that explores topics of interest for Blair County seniors and their families. It also discusses many of the useful services that Blair Senior Services, Inc. provides to local seniors, their families, and for people of all ages.

On Page 14, you’ll find the cover story, “No Place Like Home,” which is all about Domiciliary Care, or Dom Care. Dom Care is a home-like living arrangement that helps consumers stay in the community, rather than going to a long-term care facility such as a nursing home. Dom Care is available to adults aged 18 and over who are unable to care for themselves independently. For consumers who need help with daily living, yet don’t require skilled nursing care, Dom Care is an intimate and friendly alternative. Dom Care providers open up their homes and help consumers with routine tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. They also provide three meals a day, constant supervision, and they can manage medications and finances. Of course, all Dom Care facilities are inspected annually to ensure health and safety standards, and Dom Care is one of many long-term care options scrutinized by Ombudsmen to ensure that the consumer’s rights are being respected. In this story, you’ll read about Wanda McCarron, a Dom Care provider with twenty years of experience, and the three consumers who live with her, Sandy, Barb, and Mary. You’ll also hear about opportunities to become a Dom Care provider, and the many reasons to consider doing so!

Inside the summer edition of Seasons, you will also find lots of helpful information for seniors. This includes a schedule of events at Blair Senior Services, Inc.’s Senior Centers, so you can be sure to participate in all of the Agency’s terrific summer programming. You’ll also find an editorial from Attorney Jeff Fleming about the need to prepare for your future through estate planning and other legal preparation. And, on page 18, you’ll learn about a Blair Senior Services, Inc. program to help you shop for fresh produce at any of the farmers’ markets in Blair County, including a listing of those markets. While you’re there, be sure to pick up the ingredients you’ll need to enter Blair Senior Services, Inc.’s Treasured Family Recipe Contest! This new contest, whose first winner is announced in Seasons, awards one local senior each month who submits a family recipe. The winner gets a $25 gift card, and the recipe will be shared on Facebook and in the next edition of Seasons.

As a special treat, this edition of Seasons also features a six-page bonus spread about APPRISE, a free counseling program that helps local seniors with their questions about Medicare. Topics covered in APPRISE counseling sessions include Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, Medigap coverage, long-term care, prescription drug coverage, and any other questions you may have. Inside the article, you’ll read about Melissa Hey, one of Blair Senior Services, Inc.’s well-trained APPRISE counselors. You’ll also read about one local senior who took advantage of APPRISE and was blown away by the level of service and attention she received. Let’s face it: Medicare is confusing. But with rising healthcare costs and a shifting health insurance landscape, it has never been more important that seniors get all they can out of their Medicare, at a price they can afford. No senior’s health or finances should be put at risk by a complicated Medicare system. That’s why information about APPRISE in the summer edition of Seasons is so timely and important. To sign up for a free APPRISE counseling session, call Blair Senior Services, Inc. at 814 946-1235.

Seasons is available for free at any of Blair Senior Services, Inc.’s senior center locations throughout Blair County. It is also available at select local businesses. Or, you can view a digital copy of Seasons by clicking right here! We know you’ll enjoy it!

Headline Marketing and Communication proudly worked with Blair Senior Services, Inc. to put Seasons together. If you think a custom turn-key magazine could help your company reach new audiences and advertise your business’s products and services, contact us! We’ll be happy to work with you.

Generations Magazine: Second Issue

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Generations Magazine: Second Issue

Generations Magazine goes beyond conventional magazines with articles that educate, challenge and entertain women from generations z to the greatest generation.

Click here to read the second issue!

Essential Technology Information

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Essential Technology Information

Celebrating Every Generation of Women

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Celebrating Every Generation of Women

When my colleges and I decided to develop a new publication that would truly focus on and target women, and without apology, the name Generations was an easy choice. Our goal was to produce a new and fresh magazine that celebrates every generation of women by exploring their newest trends and honoring their traditions.

We’re very pleased to share that the first issue of Generations is now published and is exceeding our expectations. It is meeting our goals of going beyond conventional magazines with articles that will educate, challenge and entertain women from ages 25 to 65 and older.

The look and feel, literally, of the magazine are very unique. The positive reaction to the clean, sophisticated design is matched by the “awe” response of the very special paper stock chosen for Generations.

When selecting the articles for the first issue, we found ourselves forming an endless list of possibilities. And the winners for the inaugural issue are as diverse as the women of every Generation featured. The   opening article by Kathleen Gilmour is the perfect introduction to Generations magazine. Her honesty of what she has and is experiencing is told in an entertaining yet elegant style that is so Kathleen. And then you turn the page to “Purses & Pistols” followed by “Injection of Youth” and you realize this is different than other magazines.

I asked a very special friend, who is one of my strongest advocates and also one of my most honest critics, what they thought of Generations. Like everyone who has had a chance to hold a copy of Generations, I was not surprised with their positive reaction of the feel of the magazine. But, I was surprised of the critique of the articles: clean, interesting and to the point. Winner!

Women deserve to celebrate accomplishments, their own as well as others, which may be measured differently by every generation. We invite you to get your copy of Generations, and the next, and let us know what you think. Email us at solutions@headlinemc.com to find out where to get your copy or go to http://headlinemc.com/generations-magazine/.