Branding & Design

Your brand is the center of your marketing and should be top of mind for anyone looking for the services and products your offer. Your brand should make consumers go the extra steps to get your products and experience your services. Your brand should project a strong, single identity that can be used in all media. Does this sound like your brand? If not, let HMC’s brand strategy team help you beginning with designing or updating your logo including a master style sheet and guidelines.

Once your logo is ready, we’ll guide your through updating the design and content of your current marketing tools, and create new ones to build a consistent branding and message. Your brand will be burned into all your marketing clearly and strongly without variation.

HMC’s graphic designers and content developers work with our clients’ brand strategy team to development your brand identity. From collateral materials, advertising, website, social media to promotional items, our team approach will make them seamless to guarantee your marketing tools and campaigns work well together.