Seniors Trends and Choices

Seniors are often given many titles including baby boomers, older adults, leaders, wise, and experienced. But did you know that seniors are also trendsetters?
It’s true, and according to several national surveys, seniors are once again setting new trends with the choice of living in a space of their own, where they are comfortable and familiar. They prefer a private, but inviting setting for family and friends to visit. They also want to choose their food, the ingredients, quantities, and meal times.
Preferences in living arrangement styles vary including apartments, condominiums, childhood homes and senior villages, with a common theme of wanting a connection and sense of belonging to a community or neighborhood.
Seniors are also setting the standards for personal care preferring one on one connections and attention with staff who care for them in their homes. Sherry Pfister, CHOICES Care Manager with Blair Senior Services, Inc., agrees with the reports. “Finding a home care agency to provide the quality services you want can be challenging and choosing the right agency is one of the most important decisions you will ever make,” shared Pfister.
The CHOICES Program at Blair Senior Services, Inc. carefully screens their direct services provider agencies and demands top qualities of their staff including reliability, trustworthiness, education, and good communications.  
“CHOICES is the first program of its kind offered by an Area Agency on Aging in Pennsylvania. CHOICES services are available to older individuals in Blair County. Our CHOICES Program is an affordable option to help you live comfortably at home, while still receiving assistance if you need it,” commented Pfister.
All of the services are arranged by your CHOICES Care Manager, so you do not need to worry about scheduling, cancellations, or coordination of services. Care Managers are trained to assess and recommend any service that may benefit an individual, not simply those services available through the CHOICES Program. You choose only the services that are specific to your lifestyle and your needs including Care Management, In-Home Services, Pet Care, Housekeeping, Personal Financial Services, Medication Management, Companionship and Shopping Errands.
For information on how CHOICES can help you or a loved one be a trendsetter in their home, call Sherry Pfister at 814-946-1235 or visit the Blair Senior Services, Inc. website

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