Conemaugh Nason to Bring Advanced Cardiac Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services to the Community

LifePoint and the Conemaugh Nason Medical Center’s Board of Directors have approved the addition of a Cardiac Catheterization Suite as an extension of existing cardiac services offered for the communities we serve. Construction has begun with an anticipated opening in early 2019. The new Nason state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab is adjacent to the main Lobby area.

In the last several years, the PA Department of Health joined over 50 states across the nation allowing community hospitals to provide a Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) program. They have done so because the clinical studies have shown identical outcomes with tertiary hospitals, and TIME is of upmost importance to the quality of life. By having this vital service in the community, it provides the quickest access to a cardiac intervention.

Our team of Cardiologists is led by Hany Shanoudy, M.D. and Medhat Zaher, M.D., who have started other community PCI programs and have amazing clinical results portfolios. Our cardiac physician team members have been performing high volume coronary interventional procedures for many years. In addition, Conemaugh Nason is assembling an experienced nursing and technical team to assist with the Cath Lab procedures and providing existing caregivers with the necessary training to care for a more complex cardiac patient population. Our team is working to leverage the important work accomplished in achieving Chest Pain Center Certification in early 2018.

This new lab allows Conemaugh Nason to provide an acute myocardial infarction patient life-saving, immediate emergent angioplasty and stenting, eliminating treatment delays encountered when being transported to other hospitals. Patients with advanced coronary heart disease have the convenience of scheduling procedures close to home. The lab allows patients to have pacemakers and internal defibrillators implanted.

Conemaugh Nason is committed to investing the proper resources, facilities, system infrastructure and personnel to provide the best quality program and experience for the patients of our communities using this lab. Drs. Shanoudy and Zaher will be speaking on several occasions in the surrounding communities to create awareness of the new lab and its capabilities, as well as awareness about symptoms and signs of heart attacks and heart problems. When it comes to cardiology, time is muscle. Conemaugh Nason Medical Center is proud to provide – Cardiac Care Close to Home!