3 Favorite Promo Items

Any time is the right time for promo items. We’ve put together a list of our 3 favorite items that always impress.

1. Power Clip

The power clip is an inexpensive, but effective way to promote your brand. With multiple colors available (and bright ones at that), they are definitely a fun giveaway.

Why is this a favorite?

Power Clips are convenient and easy to use. Stick them to the fridge with the attached magnet or clip them to paperwork at your desk – logos are always in sight with these clips.

2. Javalina Stylus

One of our top sellers – the Javalina Stylus. This pen has a click-top with a stylus point at the end for use with touch screen devices.

Why is this a favorite?

This pen writes smooth and is comfortable in your hand. It has a fine tip, which is a great perk and comes in a variety of fun colors. This is something we use every day!

3. Retractable Lantern

Gray retractable lantern

This compact, retractable, and extremely bright lantern works as a great gift. Energy-efficient and very durable, it’s perfect for camping and the outdoors.

Why is this a favorite?

It really is a great gift! Super bright and convenient to pack, keep in the car or at the house for an emergency. Great for fishing, too! We always get compliments on these lanterns.

These three favorites are just a handful of the promotional items we sell, and they’re always a hit. Just starting with promotional items? Try the power clip or Javalina stylus – you’ll love them (and so will the people receiving them).

Give Cheryl a call at 814-935-4183 or Deanna at 814-285-1235 to order one of our favorites today, or ask them for more promo ideas!

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