Celebrating Every Generation of Women

When my colleagues and I decided to develop a new publication that would truly focus on and target women, and without apology, the name Generations was an easy choice. Our goal was to produce a new and fresh magazine that celebrates every generation of women by exploring their newest trends and honoring their traditions.
We’re very pleased to share that the first issue of Generations was published and exceeded our expectations. We’re on our fifth issue now, and it is meeting our goals of going beyond conventional magazines with articles that will educate, challenge and entertain women from ages 25 to 65 and older.

The look and feel, literally, of the magazine are very unique.

The positive reaction to the clean, sophisticated design is matched by the “awe” response of the very special paper stock chosen for Generations.
When selecting the articles for the first issue, we found ourselves forming an endless list of possibilities. And the winners of the inaugural issue are as diverse as the women of every Generation featured. The opening article by Kathleen Gilmour is the perfect introduction to Generations magazine. Her honesty of what she has and is experiencing is told in an entertaining yet elegant style that is so Kathleen. And then you turn the page to “Purses & Pistols” followed by “Injection of Youth” and you realize this is different than other magazines.
I asked a very special friend, who is one of my strongest advocates and also one of my most honest critics, what they thought of Generations. Like everyone who has had a chance to hold a copy of Generations, I was not surprised by their positive reaction to the feel of the magazine. But, I was surprised by the critique of the articles: clean, interesting and to the point. Winner!
Women deserve to celebrate accomplishments, their own as well as others, which may be measured differently by every generation. We invite you to get your copy of Generations, and the next, and let us know what you think. Email us at solutions@headlinemc.com to find out where to get your copy.

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