Municipality Websites

One of the greatest services a Township, Borough or City can provide its citizens with is a good website. These sites are a powerful tool for towns to communicate with their citizens, and they allow site visitors to get quick answers to easy questions. Benefits of choosing Headline Marketing & Communications to help you with your website include:

  • • We have on staff a former Township Secretary who understands the benefits of using an effective website as a tool for a Municipality and also understands the resident’s needs along with Municipality needs.
  • • Our HMC Team will create an attractive website to showcase your area as a positive, great place to live and work.
  • • Develop a new cutting edge website to give you and your staff time to work on other important tasks.
  • • Develop a website that can easily grow with you.
  • • Provide continuous delivery of new municipal website features and components that benefit municipalities and their residents.
  • • Build our website with mobilization for friendly use.
  • • A turn-key and cost-effective solution tailored to your municipality.
  • • Provide proper training for you and your staff to ensure you can make the best use of the web tools and easily make the updates necessary to keep your website current.
  • • Provide access to our dedicated team to assist you.

A Letter from a Former Township Secretary

As a former Township Secretary, I know the importance of a well designed website and the need for a Municipal website to communicate with their residents.

Having a website that is loaded with useful content such as contact information, hours, directions, applications, and forms, meeting agendas, meeting minutes and instructions can significantly reduce the number of phone calls and visits that government agencies receive. After our new website was launched, I saw directly how the calls were cut back; residents and contractors would arrive at the building with building permits completed in hand. Engineers were able to review Ordinances online rather than the Township making copies.

Similar to the increased staff efficiency, improved taxpayer satisfaction is generated by reducing the need for residents to call or stand at a counter to get the service and information they need. Municipalities with effective websites differentiate themselves from municipalities with no websites or older websites. A good municipal website can help attract new residents and business.

Websites can be used to enhance an initiative. Want to incorporate or expand various programs? Post information on the website outlining the details and instructions. Want to receive feedback from constituents? Put a form or questionnaire online and ask for feedback. Want to attract new residents, developers and business? A good municipal website can help attract new residents and business by including quality of living, working and doing business content.

Just as businesses use the web to promote their company, products and services, municipalities can use the web to promote local events. A website with current content can be a great tool for residents to know about upcoming events such as community events, parades, town hall meetings and fundraisers. Unlike other forms of advertising, websites and social media posts are free.

Events such as weather warnings, amber alerts or other emergencies can be immediately communicated on websites and social media. Police Departments can communicate directly with the residents in a more efficient manner 24/7.

I know the needs of the Township’s to meet ADA requirements, CDBG requirements, and MS4. I understand the business of a Township and want to help your Township create a powerful website to meet your needs for today and for future growth.

Teresa Patterson

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