Forever Shared Pet

Max wasn’t just a good dog he was a great dog. I first met Max when I was driving around a local neighborhood. There were a number of puppies running around and playing in a yard. I really was not in the market for a new pet but I stopped and looked over the fence. The homeowner came out and asked if I wanted to come into the yard. The puppies were all playing with each other as puppies like to do. Max was the first one to see me. He came to me playfully and our eyes met. There was no way I could leave without him. I spoke to the homeowner and sealed the deal with $5.00.

Max and I were together for 14 years. I taught him the usual things and he taught me a few as well. He had a great disposition and was very intelligent. We gradually developed a routine and communicated in that unspoken way that close friends and married couples do. Max was more than a pet.  He was my companion and my friend. I never felt like his owner or master. It as though we knew from that first meeting that we were meant to be together. We stayed together not because we had to but because we both wanted to.

When Max died it was a tearful few days and the loss was felt for many months. I wanted to tell everyone about the special relationship we had and how great Max was. I can’t believe that there are people in this world that would abandon and abuse pets. No dog can replace Max, but my new companion Alex is trying very hard.

Max was one of the reasons we started Forever Shared Pet. Pet lovers are passionate about their companions and often want to share their relationships with others. We had been told many stories about the special relationships pet lovers had with their pets and decided there needed to be a way for them, and us, to share memories.

Forever Shared Pet is a digital platform that provides a way for pet lovers to share their stories about their deceased pets with everyone.  This platform, utilizing techniques originally developed for the funeral industry, allows owners to share photos and videos of their pets which will actually scroll across the screen and construct a verbal tribute that can tell the story of you and your pet.  You can even donate to your favorite pet charity in the name of your pet.

There is a small registration fee, but Forever Shared Pet feels so strongly about the humane treatment of all pets, that we donate 10% of all registration fees to the pet rescue or charity of the pet owner’s choice.  Your pet may have been one of the lucky ones that were given a forever home by adoption through one of these organizations.  The donation is sent in the name of the pet and the pet owner.  Viewers of your pet’s cyber memorial may also make donations to your chosen organization in your pet’s name.

Now you can make a positive difference for many other pets and honor your deceased pet with your cyber memorial. Consider making a lasting cyber memorial for your companion, your friend your pet today with 

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