Homewood at Martinsburg’s New TeleHealth System

From Generations Magazine Fall/Winter 2019-2020

By Teresa Patterson, Associate Marketing Director

Homewood at Martinsburg has collaborated with TeleHealth Solution to bring Homewood Health Care Center residents advanced on-site medical support and consultation through telemedicine technology. Homewood at Martinsburg has always been committed to providing the highest quality standards of nursing care and now offers round-the-clock physician services as the newest enhancement to their family of medical professionals.

TeleHealth Solution hospitalists provide TeleMedicine during evening, weekend and holiday hours. TeleHealth Solution physicians can manage almost any medical condition right at Homewood which reduces patient stress, reduces staff burden, and keeps patients from having to travel to and from the hospital unnecessarily. Connecting with the hospitalist is fast also, with a response time of 1-3 minutes.

The telemedicine platform helps with everything from minor issues like colds and allergic reactions to major health concerns that would require the patient to be hospitalized. If hospitalization is required, the information from the TeleHealth system will be sent directly to the ER so the patient’s wait time is minimized.

Changes in patients often occur in the off hours when physicians are not physically present; this is when TeleHealth can kick in. “Sending a vulnerable senior to the hospital only increases their exposure to a wide range of other proven adverse effects,” said Edna Huber, Homewood at Martinsburg’s Director of Nursing.

TeleHealth improves health outcomes with patients being diagnosed and treated earlier resulting in improved outcomes and reducing unnecessary admissions to the hospital.

“It is used in conjunction with your physician. It is like having a doctor at your bedside at all times”, says Huber. “TeleHealth is HIPAA compliant and we have been using it with great success since May of 2019.”

If you would like to have more information on any of the amenities offered at Homewood at Martinsburg, please call Aimee Lozinak at 814-793-1314.

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