Standing Together Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction

From Generations Magazine Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Do you or someone you know have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs? Are you aware help is available?

Did you know Red Ribbon Week was celebrated the last week of October in the schools of Bedford County and that from November 1 to December 6 there is a “No Spike” Non-Alcoholic Punch Contest going on? Did you know there were some students who wrote a book called, Setting the Pace: Testimonials by Normal Kids?

Personal Solutions Inc. (PSI) and Bedford County Drug and Alcohol Prevention Partnership (BCDAPP) are two organizations in Bedford County that offer services specific to drug and alcohol awareness, along with programs to deal with related issues.

BCDAPP, in conjunction with PSI, strives to educate the community about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, especially working in the communities and schools with students, teachers, and administrative staff. The goal of the partnership is to develop and implement multi-faceted plans to lead to measureable, population-level reductions in underage drinking, drug, and tobacco use. BCDAPP provides schools with extensive educational resources – to help students to understand the danger of using drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. The materials are colorful and attractive. Teachers appreciate these resources and integrate them into the regular school curriculum.

Earlier mentioned was the published book Setting the Pace: Testimonials by Normal Kids. This is a collection of personal stories by students from one of the county’s high schools. Many of the stories relate to how drug and alcohol abuse, in their homes or families, have adversely affected the students’ lives. All of the writers vow to stay drug and alcohol-free, and strongly encourage others to not take the risk of using drugs or alcohol. Plans are to compile and publish a second book.

The “No-Spike” Non-Alcoholic Punch Contest invites two age groups to submit punch recipes; Group A, 22 years old and over and Group B, ages 16-21, in which prizes will be awarded. Entry forms are available at PSI, or participants can call 814-623-5009 for a form to be mailed. Deadline for entries is December 6, 2019.

BCDAPP has quarterly meetings for partners to gather and get reports of the work being done. The meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates can be found in their ad below.

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