Homewood at Martinsburg’s Tenley Rehabilitation

Homewood at Martinsburg’s Tenley Rehabilitation unit is designed to help people make a safe and comfortable transition between post-acute care and home. Typically lasting 14 days or less, short-term rehab can be extremely beneficial following a surgery or hospitalization after an injury, stroke or major medical issue.

One benefit of Tenley short-term rehabilitation is that it can target a variety of needs. Tenley offers physical, occupational, speech, respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation services. By offering a comprehensive array of therapies and rehabilitative services, short-term rehab can address each patient’s unique needs.

Hospitals can often feel clinical, but Homewood’s rehab facility is clean and modern with a warm, comforting ambiance including amenities such as a rehabilitation gym, private rooms and bathrooms, a refrigerator in each room, and cable TV and Wi-Fi access. Short term rehab at Homewood in Martinsburg is not just for the residents of Homewood, but for anyone in need of short-term rehab.

Homewood’s staff is available to make each step of the process – from hospital to rehab to home – as easy as possible.  Homewood has a clinical liaison who will visit you in the hospital and help you transition from the hospital to Homewood.  They will make sure you are well-informed and will ensure that all necessary paperwork and processes are handled. Upon discharge from Homewood’s Tenley Rehabilitation Unit, Homewood staff will follow up to make sure that your transition back to your home is going smoothly and that your recovery is successful.  

When choosing short-term rehab care, it’s important to select a program that meets your needs. Do your research: ask lots of questions, talk to current or former patients and have loved ones visit the facility. Not only does an informed decision make for a more comfortable rehab experience, it can maximize recovery.

To learn more about the short-term rehab programs at Homewood at Martinsburg, please call, 814-793-1304.