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The 2020 New Year Resolutions Expo, brought to the region by the Altoona Mirror, took place on Saturday, November 21st at the Logan Valley Mall and welcomed attendees hoping to start 2021 off with great resolutions and goals for success!

Businesses and organizations from the region were able to share their services, products, information and tips to help attendees be successful in achieving their goals in the New Year. We’d like to thank all attendees and participating sponsors and vendors of the 2020 New Year Resolutions Expo for making this event possible during such an unprecedented time.

As the New Year approaches, remember to solidify your resolutions and goals and use the tips, resources, and information you received from one another at this year’s Expo. Stay tuned to Headline Marketing & Communication’s Facebook page for continuing tips, encouragement, and information regarding next year’s Expo throughout 2021. We sincerely hope for your success and prosperity throughout the New Year!

When You Go

  • WhatNew Year Resolutions Expo
  • WhenNovember 2021
  • WhereLogan Valley Mall, Altoona

Interested in becoming a vendor at the 2021 New Year Resolutions Expo?

The New Year Resolutions Expo provides a great opportunity for your business or organization to share your services, products, information, and tips to help event attendees be successful in achieving their New Year Resolutions! Stay tuned for upcoming 2021 sponsorship and vendor opportunities as well as additional information.

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