Headline Marketing and Communications recently completed an entirely new website for Blair Township. I can say without equivocation that an outstanding website presence was promised and delivered. I am convinced that Blair Township’s new website will easily provide residents and other business users alike with all the information they may need. – Blair Township

As your public relations specialist, our job is to help you create, identify, and/or clarify what your story is, and get it in the hands of the right media source to help us help you get your story told. We have a modern approach to public relations. In years past, the answer was restricted to television, radio, and print. Nowadays, you can add the entire online world to that list, in a very large and meaningful way.

Our approach to media relations is to take advantage of the conversations that people are most interested in having and where people are having these conversations. While we still employ traditional approaches to place your brand in traditional media, we place a lot of emphasis on new media. A large portion of buying decisions are made because of new media influence, every day. For example, 33% of dining decisions made by mothers are made because of social media. There is a whole world of social media that can create exciting new opportunities for storytelling.

We are expertly positioned and experienced to help you to identify, refine, and create your best story so that people will be excited to hear about your brand and add to your success.