Water… Nature’s Gift to Women

Did you know that your body depends on water to survive? It’s true. We can only live a few days without water, maybe a week. Our bodies are made up of cells, tissues, and organs that need water to work correctly. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), our brain is 75% water, bones are 22% water, muscles are 75% water and our blood is 92% water.

“Water, including bottled water, helps people pursue a healthy lifestyle and avoid sugar-sweetened beverages,” said IBWA President and CEO, Joe Doss. “Water also plays a vital role in supporting nutritional health. So when you drink bottled water instead of an unhealthy packaged beverage, you are actually making a simple, healthy choice.”


Today’s women’s active lifestyles and exercise habits may cause them to lose water faster, especially if exercising at high intensity for extended periods of time. One way you lose water is through sweating, which is critical to keeping your body temperature properly regulated. Lose too much water and you may feel tired, dizzy, lightheaded and weak. That’s dehydration.

Glass of water sitting refreshing

IBWA says that water helps nearly every part of the human body function efficiently.Considering that our bodies are almost two-thirds water, it’s important to understand water’s role in a healthy lifestyle. And as added bonuses, drinking water can help you lose weight and make your skin glow. What woman doesn’t want that? For those trying to lose weight, staying hydrated can serve as an appetite suppressant. Sometimes we think we are hungry when actually we are thirsty. To keep skin glowing, plentiful water consumption is recommended. This can improve the color and texture by keeping it building new cells properly.

How much is enough?

But how much water should you drink each day? IBWA’s website, www.bottledwater.org, has a great hydration calculator that allows you to enter your weight, the number of minutes exercised, and your level of intensity to find your recommended total water intake and a schedule of the best time of day for you to drink water. They note that 80% of this amount is met by consuming water and beverages, while the other 20% is derived from foods.

Getting enough water to drink every day has never been easier. Looking back 40 years, we would never have dreamt that a bottle of water would be our packaged drink of preference. Baby Boomers and Generation X remember getting a drink of cold water from the faucet, water fountain or garden hose.

Today, you find 5-gallon water bottles on temperature controlled-coolers just about everywhere including at work and in our homes. Go into any convenience store and most restaurants or make a stop at a beverage vending machine and you’ll find individual bottles of water for sale. Grocery stores sell them in bulk quantities. Drinking bottled water is essentially a part of our culture today.

Indeed, bottled water consumption has grown tremendously over the past fifteen years. Roaring Spring Water has been meeting this demand since the company began in 1981. Their bottled water products are derived from a protected spring and produced in Pennsylvania. Today, this third Generation business delivers bottled water and coffee services to over 50 counties in four states.

According to Scott Hoover, General Manager of Roaring Spring Water, water offers several health benefits over other beverages including zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero fat, zero sugar and zero caffeine. “It’s the perfect drink at the office, gym, and home especially as part of a health and nutrition regimen.” “The thirst for bottled water keeps growing and is expected to outsell soda by 2017,” said Hoover. “Our business customers see our 5-gallon water bottles and coolers as office staples as well as a health benefit for their employees. Add in our delivery service and it is also a cost savings in many ways.”

So ladies, grab your favorite water bottle and head to the water cooler. Drink as much as you like. No need to count calories! Drinking water can help you lose weight and make your skin glow. What woman doesn’t want that?

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