A vibrant and informative website opens your doors to customers and provides an excellent way to share information. Your website serves as multiple marketing and communications tools with added bonuses of opportunities to reduce operations and marketing costs. With the right design, content and management, your website becomes your marketing “workhorse” in helping to grow your business. We develop our client’s website as modern, visually attractive and compelling; functional, structurally sound, and responsive; and phenomenal user experience, valuable content, and shareability. From content research and writing, unique design and customized development to secure and reliable hosting, HMC is your best website choice.

Cardiology Associates of Altoona Website

Blair Gastro Website

HMC Website: Blair Gastro

  • Major Marketing Tool for Two Entities & Seven Doctors

  • Incredible Healthcare Education & Tools for Patients, Nonpatients, Referrals

  • Online Patient Forms, Appointment Requests

Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA Website

HMC Website: Lung Disease Foundation

• Lung Health & Disease Education & Events Promotions

• Tobacco Control Service Provider Requirements

• Fundraising

Lung Disease Center of Central Pennsylvania Website

HMC Website: Lung Disease Center

• Works as multiple websites with seamless functions; Lung Disease Center, Lung Disease Foundation, Sleep Network

• News & Public Relations Tool including weekly column & Dr. Z’s Rantz

• Marketing & Educational Tools with flip page & printable magazine, brochures & information

Blair Township Website

HMC Website: Blair Township

  • Ease of use
  • Separate Police page with high security
  • Easily provides information to the residents
  • State & Federal Municipality requirements met & ADA Compatible

Roots in the Cove Website

HMC Website: Roots in the Cove

• Updated website, new look

• Showcases store and products

• Shows floral and landscaping

Roaring Spring BioFuel Website

HMC Website: Roaring Spring BioFuel

• Commercial & Residential Use Marketing Tool for hard to reach markets

• Education Tool for Innovation Products

• Photography & Videos

Roaring Spring Paper Products Website

HMC Website: Roaring Spring Paper Products

• International marketing of very large product inventory

• Amazon & Large National Retail Sales

• Cross Social Media & Digital Marketing

Roaring Spring Water Website

HMC Website: Roaring Spring Water

• Promotion of Home & Office Products & Services updated constantly

• Multiple locations marketed seamlessly

• Job Requirements with ads, pop-ups & online forms

• Cross marketing with social media & digital advertising

Eyes by Doctor B. Website

HMC Website: Eyes by Dr B

• Marketing of services & products

• Promote eye products

• Online Patient & Insurance Forms

Altoona OB/GYN Associates, Inc. Website

HMC Website: Altoona OBGYN

• Patient Education & Tools

• Crossmarketing with Social Media

• Contact & Directional Information

Healthy Blair County Coalition Website

HMC Website: Healthy Blair County Coalition

• Required Reporting of Community Health Needs Assessment

• Serves as shared website for collaboration of individuals & organizations

• Shared Marketing Tool

Morrisons Cove Rotary Club Website

HMC Website: Morrisons Cove Rotary Club

• Membership Recruitment

• News & Events

• Community Activities & Youth Program Information

GIN Website

HMC Website: GIN

• Membership Recruitment

• Event Promotions & Registration

• Education Tools & Healthcare Providers Information

Bun Air Corporation Website

HMC Website: Bun Air Corporation

• Reservation Service

• Pilot Jobs Board

• News & Announcements

Tyrone Regional Health Network Website

HMC Website: Tyrone Regional Health Network

• Marketing Healthcare Campus & Providers

• Serves as multiple website in one

• News & Events with Social Media Cross Marketing