Advertising & Media Placement

Advertising & Media Placement Services in Central PA

Today, more than ever, the advertising and media landscape is ever-changing and demands an effective advertising campaign backed with specialized knowledge of the media and an accurate appraisal of the competition in the marketplace. Our clients are advised on the most efficient use of their advertising dollars as we build campaigns to suit their requirements. With an abundant amount of media available, Headline Marketing & Communications will deliver hassle-free and highly effective solutions.

Backed with years of experience and knowledge about the advertising industry, we will negotiate the best rates and schedules. We will then strategically place advertising buys for all types of media, both locally and regionally, including (but not limited to) newspapers, magazines, directories, and specialty publications; radio and television; digital and online media; social media; and outdoor advertising, including billboards, signage, and banners. We are always researching and developing new ideas to partner with advertising companies to create unique and successful marketing campaigns for our clients.

Projects We've Produced

Roaring Spring Water, Chug Waters Mascot

Chug Waters was created from our client’s need to market their product, water, towards young families and their children to buy and drink more water. From our creative team, along with the client’s product, Chug Waters was born. After the creation of this friendly mascot, he had been featured on the client’s social media page, website, posters, coloring pages, company contests, promotional items, and much more, all while spreading the message to “drink more water.”

Blair Senior Services, Inc., Senior Companion & Foster Grandparent Program

While creating advertisements for the Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent Program, our focus was on the overall experience of the volunteers to drive new volunteers to the programs while also promoting the services provided. With positive, fulfilling messages and warm, inviting photos, these ads are now being placed on the client’s website, social media, promotional posters and flyers, local restaurant placemats, local newspapers, bulletins, and more.

Blair Senior Services, Inc., Caregiver Support Program

The Caregiver Support Program provides caregivers and the care receivers the support they need. The client needed to advertise that funding and support is available for caregivers and their loved ones. We wanted to let caregivers in the region know that Blair Senior Services, Inc. is there for them and their loved ones. With calming colors and a photo depicting a real-life scenario, these advertisements are now being placed on the client’s website, social media, local newspapers, promotional flyers, and more.

Healthy Blair County Coalition, Be There Campaign

The Be There Campaign aims to educate parents, educators and students on the dangers and risks of poor attendance in school. The Healthy Blair County Coalition adopted the Be There Campaign to curb poor attendance throughout the county. We created informational flyers, a brochure, and radio scripts that are being placed and used on the client’s social media page, website, local radio stations, as well as being used in schools, doctor’s offices, and other public stores and organizations in the Blair County region.

Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health, Human Trafficking Campaign

Human Trafficking has become a major problem throughout the entire country, including rural Pennsylvania and other rural communities. The Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health aims to spread awareness about the dangers of human trafficking, while also educating the public about warning signs and what they can do to stop trafficking. The flyer not only provides information and resources for those who suspect trafficking but also information to assist present victims of trafficking. This flyer has been distributed or posted on the clients and affiliates social media, website, blast emails, in local conferences, gas stations, convenience stores, and more.

Blair Gastroenterology Associates, Colon Cancer Screening Center

For colon cancer awareness as well as eliminating the confusion surrounding colon cancer screening, Blair Gastroenterology Associates requested a new advertising campaign using the name “Colon Cancer Screening Center” to send the message to patients that the physicians are prepared to assist them in finding the best colon cancer screening for them. The ads were produced and placed as print advertisements in various publications, on multiple social media channels, in local newspapers, on the client’s website, and used alongside a radio script.

The Lung Disease Center of Central PA, Dr. Z Ads

Every Tuesday in the Altoona Mirror you can find a “Buzz” column by Dr. George M. Zlupko of the Lung Disease Center. His topics cover pulmonary health, COPD, vaping, and other lung-health related subjects. This branded column is also posted on the Lung Disease Center’s Facebook page to further the impressions (or reach) of the columns.