Advertising & Media Placement

Advertising & Media Placement Services

Today, more than ever, the advertising and media landscape is ever-changing and demands an effective advertising campaign backed with specialized knowledge of the media and an accurate appraisal of the competition in the marketplace. Our clients are advised on the most efficient use of their advertising dollars as we build campaigns to suit their requirements. With an abundant amount of media available, Headline Marketing & Communications will deliver hassle-free and highly effective solutions. 

Backed with years of experience and knowledge about the advertising industry, we will negotiate the best rates and schedules. We will then strategically place advertising buys for all types of media, both locally and regionally, including (but not limited to) newspapers, magazines, directories, and specialty publications; radio and television; digital and online media; social media; and outdoor advertising, including billboards, signage, and banners. We are always researching and developing new ideas to partner with advertising companies to create unique and successful marketing campaigns for our clients. 

ENT Associates of Central PA strives to provide comprehensive, ear, nose and throat care… but what does that all entail? The Solutions Campaign was created for this reason: to let the surrounding community know that ENT Associates of Central PA has the solutions you need regarding pediatric ENT care, ear care, sinus care, and snoring issues. By creating these advertisements that were then placed on billboards and in print and digital advertising, current and future patients knew that ENT Associates of Central PA was their source for ear, nose, and throat care.

To show the convenience or ease of what looks like a difficult product can sometimes be a challenge; what looks simple to us, may not look simple to someone else. ENT Associates of Central PA, as well as ReSound, wanted to show the ease-of-access and convenience of their hearing aid products and devices through this campaign by showing several real life examples: a man playing golf who gets hit with a golf ball because he didn’t hear the golfer behind him yell “fore!”; a wife trying to tell her husband that he looks nice, but the translation went awry; and a woman riding her bike being able to hear through the wind noise around her on her bicycle. By working with ENT Associates of Central PA and ReSound through co-op, we were able to help ENT advertise through billboards, print and digital advertising.

Testimonials serve as a great way to connect and show a more personal side to any company or organization, so whenever ENT Associates of Central PA wanted to connect more to their potential and current patient-base, collecting and producing advertisements with testimonials from real patients was the plan that ultimately led to a successful and impactful advertising campaign that landed the testimonials on billboards, in newspapers and magazines, and online via the website and social media channels.

The fight against tobacco use is still present in our society, even today. That is why the Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA, in collaboration with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania, provides smoking cessation classes, resources for tobacco cessation, and advocates for stronger tobacco laws. To bring awareness to the Freedom From Smoking classes, resources, and advocacy programs, we created several advertisements with powerful messages, photography, and frequently updated information to catch the attention of tobacco users everywhere by sharing through print and digital advertising.

Dr. George M. Zlupko wanted to create further powerful connections with the community using his expertise in pulmonary health, COPD, vaping, and other lung-health related subjects by showcasing it with “Ask the Expert” TV spots, typically featured between 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. on FOX 8. By connecting and managing this relationship, we were able to assist Dr. Zlupko’s experience and information come to life with the help of FOX 8 by producing and broadcasting these short yet extremely informational two-minute segments during prime time.

With an ever-expanding medical practice and new physicians joining the team frequently, Blair Gastroenterology Associates needed a way to keep the community updated on its expansion and to introduce a new face to the practice. By creating advertisements using original photography showcasing the new practice expansions, and showcasing new physicians that have joined the team, these advertisements shared in print and digitally on social media and the practice’s website brought familiarity, personable, and comforting messages to its current and future patients by showing the promise, expertise, and success of the practice.

Colon cancer screening isn’t something that many people want to talk about or even think about, so when Blair Gastroenterology Associates created the Colon Cancer Screening Center, they needed a way to make the conversation less taboo and comfortable for the community. Creating the Colon Cancer Screening Center Campaign was a step in the right direction by creating advertisements to be shared in print and digitally that showcased the importance and necessity for patients to get screened for colon cancer. By showcasing how the process works from consultation to screening and pairing it with pictures of the physicians, this overall creates a comfortable, community feel to the Colon Cancer Screening Center and its physicians, ultimately making patients feel as if they already know the physician before their consultation.

To create a personal and relatable connection with your patients can be a true challenge. This is why “The Buzz” columns, written by Dr. George M. Zlupko of the Lung Disease Center of Central PA, works to create this personal and relatable connection with the community and potential future patients. “The Buzz” columns feature Dr. Zlupko’s expert analysis of pulmonary health, COPD, vaping, and other lung-health related subjects, showcasing his experience, talent, and expertise in the field of which the Lung Disease Center of Central PA is based. This advertorial is used to create this bond through print and digital advertising, via newspapers (placed strategically on the obituary page), social media, and on the Center’s website.

To catapult and energize the Blair Senior Services, Inc. senior centers and its participants, we created this fun yet youthful campaign, focusing on some of the great benefits of turning 60, and most importantly, you get to attend the senior centers! Fun, party-like advertisements paired with events at all of the Agency’s senior centers, to celebrate everyone’s 60th birthday, was the gateway to increase the participation at the senior centers yet educate newcomers on all of the exciting things taking place within the centers. These advertisements were featured in print and digital advertising to reach new and current participants and raise awareness of the fun happenings.

As the backbone of the region’s older adult population, and those who care for them, Blair Senior Services, Inc. wants to provide support to these individuals by providing financial assistance and more. As more citizens in the region require this assistance, advertisements are produced frequently and shared via digital and print advertising to show that Blair Senior Services, Inc. is the foundation caregivers can lean on when in-need.

Blair Senior Services, Inc. is always forging new paths forward as the region’s Area Agency on Aging. As the need grew for volunteers for the Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent Program, so did their advertising efforts. By calling on older adults everywhere to open their hearts and their minds to new experiences, we assisted Blair Senior Services, Inc. in creating engaging, realistic, and warm advertisements to be shared in print and digital advertising.