Advertising & Media Placement

Advertising & Media Placement Services

Today, more than ever, the advertising and media landscape is ever-changing and demands an effective advertising campaign backed with specialized knowledge of the media and an accurate appraisal of the competition in the marketplace. Our clients are advised on the most efficient use of their advertising dollars as we build campaigns to suit their requirements. With an abundant amount of media available, Headline Marketing & Communications will deliver hassle-free and highly effective solutions. 

Backed with years of experience and knowledge about the advertising industry, we will negotiate the best rates and schedules. We will then strategically place advertising buys for all types of media, both locally and regionally, including (but not limited to) newspapers, magazines, directories, and specialty publications; radio and television; digital and online media; social media; and outdoor advertising, including billboards, signage, and banners. We are always researching and developing new ideas to partner with advertising companies to create unique and successful marketing campaigns for our clients.