CONTACT Altoona: Your Source for Helping Others

The New Year has begun, and many people have their resolutions set and are working toward their goals. Some of the most popular resolutions made are to eat better, exercise more, work less… but in the aftermath of an extremely chaotic year, many have their eyes set on something a little more fulfilling: helping others.

CONTACT Altoona volunteers have been helping others in Blair County since its conception in 1982. Since then, through the use of its telephone helpline service, CONTACT Altoona provides listening services, reassurance calls, crisis intervention, and information and referral services, all provided by a group of dedicated, trained, and sincere volunteers who are prepared to offer stability in times of confusion.

Volunteers with the Helpline at CONTACT Altoona help find solutions with callers to a variety of problems, including crisis situations, drug and alcohol problems, illness or disability, grief stricken, loneliness, or depression. Those who are in need of help reach CONTACT Altoona volunteers and their resources by calling (814) 946-9050.

Through the CONTACT Altoona Reassurance Program, volunteers help meet callers’ needs who are living alone, aged, ill, lonely, or living with a disability and may need further assistance to live comfortable, independent lives. Volunteers can provide a friendly “hello,” a warm reminder to take medications, or a welcomed safety check at predetermined times to Blair County residents who requested the service by calling (814) 946-0531.

Becoming a CONTACT Altoona volunteer could be your best decision of 2021. Volunteers at CONTACT Altoona are of all ages, education level, and skill that have successfully completed the free required training to become a volunteer. Welcome feelings of fulfillment while also enjoying the flexibility of working from home and choosing your own schedule of at least eight hours per month. Become a CONTACT Altoona volunteer by visiting, calling (814) 946-0531 or emailing today! 

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