Grane Hospice Care Altoona Provides Care to Patients… and Their Families

Grane Hospice Care is committed to not only providing the highest quality care to our patients, but to their families as well. We stand by our holistic approach to the individuals and families we serve by providing comfort for the mind, body, and soul.

“One of the biggest benefits of using hospice services, especially at Grane Hospice Care, is the commitment by our team to prioritize the family support and well-being as being as important as the excellent care we provide our patients,” explained Tommi Burchfield, Director of Business Development at Grane Hospice Care Altoona.

That is why Grane Hospice Care dedicates time and effort in creating keepsakes, with their memory books and These Hands projects, for patients and their families. Both projects involve gathering information about the patient’s life and what’s important to them to be on display in a memory book or in their framed keepsake with the patient’s hands on display.

“The These Hands project photographs our patient’s hands, and while learning about the patient’s life, the Grane Hospice team documents what is important to them and creates a framed keepsake for the family,” Tommi explained. “We display these special memories at our office to remind our team of the importance of the work we do every day. When a patient passes, we present the framed ‘These Hands’ keepsake to the patient’s loved ones to have forever.”

The Grane Hospice Care team can also gather information to fill in details of the memory book for the patient’s family.

“Things like family history, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, how they grew up, favorite activities, and amazing family traditions and stories are shared in these books,” shared Kami Nolan, Director of Volunteer Services at Grane Hospice Care, explained. “Some of our patients are able to work through the memory book with us, sharing stories and allowing us the privilege of documenting it for them. These books are also a great way to allow someone to talk about and validate their life. They offer a time to reflect and often generate conversation and reminiscing with family prior to their passing.”

Most importantly, the memory books and These Hands framed keepsakes provide an opportunity to remember those we have lost and helps keep their spirit alive in our hearts.

Grane Hospice Care provides nursing care, pain and symptom management, medical equipment and supplies, medication, and emotional, financial, and spiritual counseling to our patients and their families. For more information regarding Grane Hospice’s services, programs, and more, visit or call 1-866-383-4156.

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