Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Barber

Sue Barber began volunteering with Grane Hospice in April of 2019. Sue, who is originally from England, lives in State College with her husband, Don. Sue has two sons: Nicholas, who lives in Holland; and Samuel, who just graduated University in the United Kingdom. Sue’s first experience and interaction with hospice care was with her close friend.

“My dear friend and neighbor, who was only 48, passed away from cancer while hospice services. I saw how hospice supported the family and the compassion and support that they offered. I witnessed how it made it easier for the family knowing someone was there, and I decided I wanted to be that person,” Sue explained. “I saw the Grane Hospice volunteer flyer, and the rest is history!”

One of Sue’s favorite parts of volunteering with Grane Hospice is how it is such a fulfilling and humbling experience.

“It allows me to give back to society and truly gives me a purpose,” she said.

Sue especially loves the opportunities to interact with patients and their families, and is proud to volunteer her time assisting them in their time of need.

“My favorite part of hospice care is visiting with Veterans, who have put their lives on the line for all of us and sitting vigil so they are not alone and the family can rest easier in knowing that,” shared Sue.

Throughout her time with Grane Hospice, Sue has gained a better understanding of what hospice really is, and her questions have always been answered.

“Volunteering with hospice can be very spiritual at times for me,” she said. “I am truly honored to provide this end-of-life support for patients and their families.”

For more information on how you can become a volunteer with Grane Hospice Care, visit their website at granehospice.com/volunteers.

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