Welcome to Winter

The holidays have come and gone and winter has moved in, with remnants of fall mixing with the signs of winter as leaves blow in the bitter cold air. Although many do not prefer the season of winter, there are still many great memories and experiences to make as the cold air creeps in. Welcome in new opportunities… welcome, Winter!

Winter is a great opportunity to spend some time in the warm indoors with your favorite hobbies and activities. Now is the time to return to all of the things that you may have neglected during the warmer, busier seasons of summer and fall! Whether you enjoy cooking grandiose meals for your family, knitting warm winter scarfs and hats, putting together massive puzzles or reading some of your favorite genres, winter is the perfect time to return to things that bring you ultimate joy.

As the bitter cold keeps us steady in the warmth of our homes, take this opportunity to experiment with new recipes for soups, chilis, casseroles, and more! Winter is the season of savory, warm foods that comfort the body and soul. Be sure to check out the recipe for Grandma’s Ham Pot Pie, straight from Grandma’s Cookbook. As we move through cold and flu season, try cooking with red bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, and spinach, which are all rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will give your immune system an extra boost!

This season is also a great time to get outdoors to carefully enjoy the winter landscape. A short walk outdoors is great for getting fresh air and getting some exercise. If you’re thinking of heading outdoors, be sure that all walkways are free of any slick snow or ice that could cause falls and potential injury and wear warm, layered clothing and good shoes. If heading outdoors makes you nervous, try some of the safer, indoor exercises that will be sure to get you moving! Exercising during the winter months can help keep your mood elevated, along with several other things, like playing the games with your family and friends or journaling about your day.

Winter time can be a time to refresh and renew for some, and for others, it can feel like an entire year in itself. It’s important to take care of your mind, body, and soul as we move through the winter months, which includes many of the things included in this issue. We wish all of our readers and their families a healthy and cozy winter season!

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