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Your brand is the center of your marketing and should be top of mind for anyone looking for the services and products you offer. It should make consumers go the extra mile to get your products and experience your services. Your brand should project a strong, single identity that can be used in all media.

Does this sound like your brand?

If not, let our brand strategy team help, beginning with designing or updating your logo including a master style sheet and guidelines.

Once your logo is ready, we’ll guide you through updating the design and content of your current marketing tools, and create new ones to build a consistent branding and message. Your brand will be burned into all your marketing clearly and strongly without variation.

Our graphic designers and content developers work with our clients’ brand strategy team to develop your brand identity. From collateral materials, advertising, website, social media to promotional items, our team approach will make them seamless to guarantee your marketing tools and campaigns work well together.

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Roaring Spring Water has served multitudes of families with their straight-from-the-source spring water, but they wanted a way to engage and capture the next generation of water customers. It was out of this necessity that Chug Waters was born. Crafted from the popular 5-gallon water jug shape and the idea that families and their children should drink more water, this successful marketing tool was the solution Roaring Spring Water needed to reach the upcoming client base. This fun-loving mascot was featured on his own website page, social media, cardboard cutouts, at trade shows and other events.

Throughout Blair County, school attendance has become a problem that every school is facing. That is why The Healthy Blair County Coalition, in partnership with the Blair County United Way, adopted the Be There Campaign from the Allegheny County United Way to curb school absenteeism in the region. This campaign needed true Blair County branding to fit the true needs of the county’s schools; therefore, new advertisements and other marketing materials were created. In working with The Healthy Blair County Coalition, we were able to outline the needs and goals that needed to be included throughout the campaign to truly make an impact and to spike engagement. These advertisements were featured in print, as posters and flyers, and digital advertising. Now, multiple county school principals are adopting this program within their school districts and implementing effective, yet fun programs to help students be more engaged and excited about going to school.

Across the world, human trafficking has been a growing cause for concern; even, as unbelievable as it is, spreading to our own backyards. Pennsylvania is no exception, in recent years it has been found that PA is the 11th state with the most reported cases of human trafficking. With this knowledge, the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health (PORH) was determined to step in with a simple, but necessary goal of spreading awareness for this worldly travesty. Logos, posters, social media ads were part of the branding campaign that brought 2019 to a head with the PORH Human Trafficking Summit.

The Sleep Disorder Network at the Lung Disease Center of Central PA provides quality, state-of-the-art evaluation, treatment, and follow-up for patients with sleep disorders. The Lung Disease Center of Central PA created this extension of the Center to assist patients who experience obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as well as other sleep disorders. The Center needed branding materials to educate, engage, and spike the interest of potential patients to take advantage of the services provided at the Network. We assisted in creating helpful yet educational marketing materials, such as a Daylight Saving Time flyer educating patients about the effects that Daytime Saving Time can have on your sleep patterns, an educational brochure featuring common sleep disorders, and more.

Blair Senior Services, Inc. [link to website] was in need of a new logo after years of building upon an updated brand. Beginning with ideas of where our client would like to head pertaining to marketing, our creative team was able to design a custom logo to fit the much more modern look of Blair Senior Services, Inc. and their Seasons Magazine.

The creative staff of HMC relentlessly worked on an image for the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health’s need that was straightforward; human trafficking needs stopped. Since the creation of the logo, our team has also assisted with flyers, social media graphics, and podcasts regarding human trafficking and the Human Trafficking Summit of 2019.

The Lung Disease Center of Central Pennsylvania was looking for a strong brand identity, stemming from its team of expert and highly-skilled physician staff. The Center needed a branding identity that was personal, trustworthy, welcoming, and friendly, and what better way to showcase its staff than with original photography and advertising that combines both its brand and physicians to make a strong, everlasting foundation for the rest of their marketing and advertising efforts through print, digital, and outdoor advertising.

Without a true look for their branding, Eyes by Dr. B. was in need of a branding package; logo, stationery, signage was born out of necessity. Our talented creative team was able to mesh modern with abstract to supply Eyes by Dr. B. with a perfect appearance that would soon be featured on unique and engaging call back cards to be sent to patients who hadn’t been seen by Dr. B in quite some time. This call back card provided Dr. B with a continuum of care that Dr. B provides, as well as a unique way to reach and engage their patients.

To create a strong foundation for a brand, you have to have a strong, recognizable, and clean logo. Keystone 401(k) was just starting their business adventure and needed a strong brand foundation to be part of a new, competitive, metropolitan marketplace. After the logo was developed, the rest of the company came to life using the brand identity created from the logo. HMC is dedicated to not only building a solid foundation of branding, but also helping you build your company or organization around that brand for consistency and continuity throughout all branding materials and roll-out advertisements.

Across the United States, 11.9% of youth are disconnected (not in school or working); Blair County, Pennsylvania has a disconnection percentage of 14.4% which is higher than the state’s 12.3%. In recent years, a Call to Action Summit was held with the goal of bringing together stakeholders to identify issues and develop plans to engage youth across Blair County. The Healthy Blair County Coalition is working together with organizations to bring awareness to the importance of youth connections within the community, calling themselves the Youth Connection Task Force. In collaboration with the Healthy Blair County Coalition, HMC created a fresh and vibrant brand for Youth Connection, an Initiative of Healthy Blair County Coalition. Along with a logo design, the Youth Connection Task Force was helped with branding pieces including a six panel brochure and a seven episode podcast delving into the group’s areas of focus: school attendance, workforce development, school & community interventions, mentoring, and pro-social activities & community engagement.

In addition to water products, the Roaring Spring family wanted to introduce the value of k-cup coffees and fresh-ground coffee beans to their water stores and delivery routes. Thus, the idea for Family Beans was born. In addition to a logomark, HMC was able to create in-store posters, flyers, social media campaigns, and more for the Roaring Spring family to use to market their coffee products.

As The Lung Disease Center of Central Pennsylvania was ready for its grand opening, Dr. George M. Zlupko was looking for a way to begin to brand and market his new pulmonary health diagnosis and treatment center and to educate the public on pulmonary and lung health. With the help of HMC, Breathe Magazine came to life: from concept, to creative design and editorial creation, printing, distribution, and marketing, it was truly the ultimate turnkey publication to help boost The Lung Disease Center of Central PA’s initial success. Now in its 9th year, Breathe Magazine continues to be a successful, educational turnkey publication used to promote and further The Lung Disease Center’s mission and vision.