Roaring Spring Water: Chug Waters Campaign


While Roaring Spring Water continued to be the region’s water distributor of choice, they wanted to ensure that families, and particularly young children, continued the healthy habit of frequently drinking water and buying it from their favorite source. With many other companies adopting kid-friendly methods of reaching these audiences, Roaring Spring Water knew they needed a creative and fun way to further reach their target audience. Partnering with HMC, together we were able to create a lifelong campaign that would further Roaring Spring Water’s brand and message.

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Reaching the regular water-buying consumer base wasn’t difficult; good deals, special sales, and catchy advertising was the standard. To reach kids, however, is the biggest challenge. How do you advertise water, specifically five-gallon jugs of water, to children to make them want to drink more water?


Before starting this targeted campaign, we observed how other companies angled their products and goods to children, typically with colorful images, a relative mascot, and a catchy phrase. Research showed that children who can identify these mascots on store shelves, television commercials, and more, frequently ask for the product when accompanying their parent or guardian to the store.


To make five-gallon jugs of water kid-friendly to promote drinking more water and healthy habits, the Chug Waters mascot was born. With a custom creation of this mascot came custom coloring pages featured on the Roaring Spring Water website, promotional items branded with the mascot created brand recognition and top of mind awareness, as well as a cardboard cut out that could travel to promotional events, sponsored community events, festivals, and more. All of this created the much-needed top of mind awareness desired to get children engaged and drinking more water, ultimately growing sales and expanding Roaring Spring Water’s reach as the chosen water distributor in the region.


The Chug Waters mascot creation increased sales overall for Roaring Spring Water while also increasing engagement online, in-person at events, and in the stores while purchasing.

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