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At Headline Marketing & Communications, we use all aspects of digital marketing to leverage your reach on online, including digital channels such as Google search, social media, email marketing, target and retargeting advertising, podcasts and websites to all engage and connect with potential consumers. Let’s face it: the majority of people, including your customers, are using the Internet more than ever due to its convenience, flexibility, and variety of information and options made available. The key to using digital marketing to your advantage is to maneuver several different digital pathways to connect to your prospective consumers on an already familiar and modern level.


Headline Marketing & Communications, by analyzing your social media, website, and blast email analytics, has mastered knowing how, where and when to reach your target audience. With the right content and budget, we will make a significant impact on your marketing results… all before the organic reach! We have a dedicated team that will provide you with content, graphics, video, and more. If you have a message to send, we have a way to reach your audience.

Podcasting is also a great way to reach your target audience on their own device and schedule, which makes it easy for the listener to hear your entire story or message. In fact, 80% of listeners will consume entire podcasts or most of an episode, which shows that podcasts are engaging more audiences than ever before! What makes podcasts so attractive is the fact that they are flexible and convenient. Podcasts can be shared on multiple different platforms, subscribed to so consumers never miss an episode, and listened to while doing several different tasks, like exercising, cooking, cleaning, driving… the opportunities are endless with podcasts! Headline Marketing & Communications makes recording your very first podcast a breeze by coming to you to record with high-quality equipment to produce a podcast you’ll want to share on every platform: your website, social media, presentations, and more.

Podcasts We've Produced


Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc. Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Keystone Boss Ladies’ (KBL) Podcast. Katy McCabe, the President of Keystone Boss Ladies, Inc.; Nicole Germanaux, Treasurer; Jaqueline Harpster, Vice President discuss the meaning behind being a Boss Lady. KBL provides networking opportunities to evolve and embrace today’s women in business, and is a partner and friend to women in all career stages. Make sure to check back for the next episode!

Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA Podcast

A podcast dedicated to keeping you informed about services and programs at the Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA.

Sherri Stayer, Executive Director of the Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA and Jen Buhda, Human Resource Generalist from McLanahan Corporation discuss concerns of employee’s smoking and tobacco use and positive steps they’ve taken to become a tobacco free workplace.

Making the decision to quit smoking and using tobacco products can be challenging. Listen to Sherri Stayer, Executive Director of the Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA and Carolyn Hetrick, Freedom from Smoking Facilitator with the Freedom From Smoking Program, share information on free classes designed specifically to help you or someone you know become smoke-free.

Coleen Heim, Director of the Healthy Blair County Coalition, and Sherri Stayer, Executive Director of the Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA, discuss the work of the Tobacco Free Work Group and the positive steps being taken to address the concerns of smoking and tobacco use in Blair County workplaces and multi-housing facilities, with individuals and youth.


Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health Podcast

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health’s podcast series on human trafficking. Our goal is to educate everyone who can target and stop human trafficking which is defined as modern-day slavery that involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Human trafficking occurs in every state, every city, every town and in almost every industry. Rural areas can be particularly vulnerable to trafficking, and a haven for traffickers. Listen to learn what actions rural communities can and are taking to prevent human trafficking and how to help victims get the support they need.

Join in listening to conversations from the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health’s Human Trafficking Summit held on October 29, 2019. This summit was host to multiple guest speakers, including one survivor, that educated attendees on the ways human trafficking is affecting our communities and how to spot and stop this crisis; taught how to protect friends, family, and community members from the dangers presented with human trafficking; and presented how this issue is impacting Pennsylvania, how health care providers are being trained, and what role law enforcement is taking. Featured in our two podcasts are Susan Mathias, CEO of Transition of Pennsylvania and Chairperson of the Pennsylvania Association of Sexual Assault Centers and Kendra Aucker President and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital; and Lisa Davis, Director of Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health and Lannette Fetzer, Quality Improvement Coordinator of Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health.


Your Safe Haven, Inc. Podcast

In the latest installment of Headline Marketing & Communications’ Marketing Minutes Podcast, Deanna Weaverling of HMC sits down with Sharon McNamara, Marketing Director at Your Safe Haven, Inc., Bedford County’s Crime Victims Center to discuss October being National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, services offered at Your Safe Haven, Inc., and a call to citizens across Bedford County.


Youth Connection Task Force Podcast

By Coleen Heim, Director of the Healthy Blair County Coalition and Patty Sauka, District Attendance Director at Altoona Area School District

Healthy Blair County Coalition’s Youth Connection Task Force took on the challenge to design a program to reach and engage our community’s youth to share the message they are wanted, they are needed, they are our future. Listen to Coleen Heim, Director of the HBCC, and Patty Sauka, District Attendance Director at Altoona Area School District, talk about the urgency our community is facing concerning youth issues and how to reach adults to share the message we need our youth to grow, to succeed, encourage them to get involved and how to get involved.

Being a mentor means many things, but most importantly it’s being there to help get the person being mentored on to the right path and guiding them along the way. Mentors, as well as those being mentored, learn and grow from the experience that last a lifetime. Having a mentor can make a big difference. Listen about the journey this mentor and mentored took with many curves and challenges along the way.

Patty Sauka, Attendance Director for the Altoona Area School District and Dr. Kathleen Sweeney, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at the Altoona Family Physicians discuss the relationship between student engagement and school attendance and how that affects their practice. Non-attendance can be a consequence of a variety of causes, both visible and underlying. Listen while they discuss the difference between school absenteeism, truancy, and refusal. Then learn about the importance of building bridges from doctor to parent, to parent to school developing communication for the success of our children.

Matt Kimberlin, a Counselor at the Tyrone Area School District Middle School and coordinator for the Tyrone Graduation Initiative Program and Taylor, one of his recent graduates, discuss how this program and the major difference it has made in her life. Listen to her story and the amazing changes she has made in her life. Her story is similar to a lot of kids that have gone done the wrong road including substance abuse, attempted suicide, and missing 79 school days in one year. This all changed thanks to Matt and the Graduation Initiative Program. Taylor is an inspiration for all youth.

Katherine “Katy” McCabe entrepreneur of several businesses including Greenbean Coffee House shares with Lisa Hann, Executive Director Family Services Incorporated and member of the Youth Connection Task Force, her path from a rough and difficult beginning to becoming a strong, confident, and successful business woman. She talks about being a teenager on her own at age 15, not going to school, and not making the best decisions to what she did to take control of her life.

Amy Horwath, Vice President of Mission Services at Goodwill of the Southern Alleghenies, and Stephanie Deliveir, Vice President of Human Resources for Sheetz, Inc. discuss ways our community is working to help youth overcome challenges and barriers to their path toward a successful career. Every path is different. Blair County has jobs and careers available along with all the necessary resources to enable youth and young adults to be successful in every path. They share how the HBCC’s Workforce Development Committee is collaborating to identify available services, resources, and trainings.

School truancy is a serious problem and can have long-term negative effects on the student, as well as the family. Listen to how a single working parent, and his teenage daughter, worked with Evolutions Counseling to develop proactive skills and ideas that resulted in positive results. With this team approach, they stayed motivated and were successful in solving the truancy problem.


Bedford County, It's Your Business Podcast

Become a sponsor of Bedford County, It’s Your Business Podcast. Learn more here.

Bedford County, It’s Your Business, is a brand new podcast marketing program produced as a partnership between the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) and Headline Marketing & Communications (HMC). This is an exclusive offer for Bedford County Chamber of Commerce Members. One “Title Sponsor” and one monthly “Single Podcast Sponsor” each calendar month are being offered. Learn more about sponsorships here.

Marketing your business or organization with all of the options now available can be overwhelming. Listen to the first “It’s Your Business” podcast with Kellie Goodman Shaffer, President/CEO of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, and Cheryl Ebersole, of Headline Marketing & Communications, discuss great marketing ideas, tools, and advice.

Join Kellie Goodman Shaffer, President/CEO of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, along with Mary Grattan, Executive Director and Helen Sickle, Marketing Director of Homewood at Spring House Estates as they talk about new happenings at Homewood including their new state-of-the-art personal care unit, Victoria House.

Join Kellie Goodman Shaffer, President/CEO of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, along with Attorney Brandi Hershey as they discuss the grassroots movement that is the Bedford County Pink Ribbon Fund and how it is helping families in the Bedford County region.

Join Kellie Goodman Shaffer, President/CEO of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, along with Suzy Knorr of Community Life to talk about this great new resource for the Bedford County region.