Gift Giving Guide

When deciding on a gift to purchase for that special person in your life, a lot of thoughts can race through your mind: What would be useful? What would they find entertaining? What would mean a lot to them? These questions can be helpful in determining the perfect gift, but can also cause an issue if you become too stressed about finding the perfect item. That is why we decided to put together a Gift Guide in this issue of Generations Magazine! This guide, paired with the excellent variety of local merchants on pages 9-15, will help you find the most perfect gifts this holiday season. 

Give the Gift of Practicality 

While compiling your Christmas list, think of gifts that could be used together: a grill for dad could result in many other gifts, like a grill cover, grilling utensils, a grilling apron, etc. These kinds of gifts can offer the ultimate sense of practicality! They can be especially useful in the New Year ahead and serve their purpose for many years to come, with your loved one holding the gift near and dear to their heart each time they use it. 

My gift to you, your gift to others.

We all have loved ones who practice the lines “you don’t have to get me anything” or “I don’t want anything” each year. Although this is a humble approach, you may still want to offer them something meaningful and special around the holidays. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make a donation to a charity or organization in their name. Sometimes this approach can be used throughout families, rather than buying each other material items.

One way to find out one’s preferred charity or nonprofit organization is to have them write down their top three nonprofit organizations or charities for you to potentially donate to as their Christmas gift. Thanksgiving makes a great opportunity to discuss this with your loved one! Creating a simple index card (like the example below) can be a great way to get input on charities and organizations that you can donate to in the name of your loved one. 

One very simple way to let them know you’ve donated in their name is to buy or make a holiday greeting card to announce the donation. If there was a receipt of donation, consider printing that and giving that to your loved one so they know the donation was received by their choice nonprofit or charity. A more creative solution could be purchasing merchandise (like t-shirts, mugs, keychains, etc.) from the nonprofit or charity that the donation was given to and providing this to your loved one as a gift of your donation. This is a great way to further support the cause you are donating to, while also giving your loved one a great keepsake to keep for years to come. 

We hope this Gift Giving Guide can help you in determining the best gifts for your loved ones. We wish all of our Generations Magazine readers a safe, healthy, and joyous holiday season! If you have other great gift giving tips, let us know by posting on our Facebook page at!

Gift Exchange Ideas 

Festive gift exchanges can work for any group of people and really brings the fun to gift gifting! Check out some of these ideas: 

Yankee Swap: Each person buys one nice, quality gift (below a chosen price point) and wraps it, keeping their gift a secret. During the exchange, everyone draws a number, and each number represents the order in which people get to choose their gifts. The first person will open their chosen gift before the second person chooses, and so on. Recipients can choose to steal one of the open gifts from someone who went before them (those who already opened one would get to open a new gift) or open a new one. 

Give to Give Back: Do a charity swap! Rather than buying and wrapping gifts, everyone can draw names and then donate a set amount of money to a charity of their recipient’s choice, helping everyone to give back to an organization that means something to them. This is a great option for long-distance festivities! 

White Elephant: Following the same rules as the “Yankee Swap,” but with a major twist: the gifts are weird! This is a perfect gift exchange for a group with a sense of humor. The gifts for a White Elephant swap can be just about anything under a certain price limit, from things you already own and no longer want to the strangest things you can find at the store!

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