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From Generations Magazine Seventh Issue

“To seek the highest good is to live well”, words of wisdom we can all live by from fourth century philosopher, St. Augustine. He may not have been talking entirely about health choices, but it’s that very logic, that Live Well Chiropractic offers as their mission, philosophy and name of their business. Dr. Kris Arnold specifically chose the name, Live Well, for his wellness clinic as a call to action, inspired by the philosophy of natural health. 

The goal of Live Well is to combine the best of past practices, with the greatest innovations of today. “Every day we utilized old school doctor skills with knee to knee conversations, education and a hands-on approach. We combine that with some of the most innovative, non-invasive technologies to help assist us in understanding each individual patient’s health needs,” commented Dr. Kris Arnold, owner and clinic director.

One of Dr. Arnold’s earliest trainings that shaped his health philosophy was learning what it meant to be a doctor.  The oldest definition for doctor is teacher.  “We are teachers first and healers second. We use our TEACHERS acronym to show what it is to be a true wellness doctor:

Trust in each patient’s healing abilities more than their own

Empower and inspire patients to be better than they thought possible

Acknowledges and listens to patients first before we speak

Caring loving passion for what we do

Humble enough to put each patient’s health goals above our own

Educate and equip patients to be a better healer of themselves

Reduce the reliance on things from outside the body for health

Seek and speak great testimonials of outstanding wellness doctors.”

Dr. Arnold’s entry into the healing arts started with chiropractic. He was a pioneer with a brand-new low force instrument adjustment style that is extremely relaxing to the patient but also very effective. 

The century old philosophy of chiropractic, is that we live stressful lives physically, chemically and mentally. That stress puts strain on the nervous system which is the intelligence that controls how muscle move, organs function and how your body heals. Too much stress will cause damage to the nervous system that will affect movement, feeling, energy, organ function and healing.  Chiropractors simply release the past stress on the nervous system so it can return to its natural state of health and healing.

Offering monthly newsletters, Facebook videos, weekly and monthly workshops and TV displays with current research, Live Well Chiropractic takes healing a step further than most doctors, by putting an emphasis on teaching patients about their daily stress and unhealthy habits that are contributing to their health problems.

“Our goal is to help patients heal but also stay healthy for a lifetime. By understanding the root cause of health problems, patients can make changes to really Live Well for a lifetime,” commented Dr. Arnold.

Live Well is very old school but also very cutting edge with the use of non-invasive technology to assess what is lacking with each patient’s health.  Available at their office is computerized stress evaluations, biological healing rates, nutritional deficiencies, body compositions, metabolism, and thermal imaging for body and organ inflammation a known precursor for heart disease and cancer.

Live Well has evolved from just a chiropractic office to a true wellness Center.  In addition to three full-time chiropractors, they also have a naturopath, massage therapist and thermographer on staff. Each embraces the “TEACHERS” mentality and incorporates their own innovation to the office. Suzanne Marisic, massage therapist, utilizes hot Himalayan rock salt stones into her massages along with essential oils that allows for even further healing. The soothing heat melts muscle tension and the salt stone pulls edema and swelling from inflamed areas.

Dr. Heather Black, naturopath, uses very precise testing such as iridology, eye reading, computerized nutritional evaluations and body scanning technology to assess nutritional needs and lifestyle changes.  She has co-created intensive nutritional programs for weight loss, heart health, blood sugar regulation and whole-body detoxing.

Learn more about the services they can provide to fit your individual needs. Contact Live Well Chiropractic today. You only get one life, make it count.

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