Lumberjack Competition and Outdoor Show Draws Visitors from around the Globe

From Generations Magazine Seventh Issue

Bedford County’s commitment to preserving our heritage is always on display. You can see it in the covered bridges that dot our scenic byways and in the museums that harken back to bygone days.  But the county is also a place where historic industry is remembered and celebrated, with events like the PA Lumberjack Competition and Outdoor Show.

Just off the historic Lincoln Highway, Camp Living Water in Schellsburg will welcome competitors, both men and women, from around the globe for the three-day competition. Events highlight the use of axes and saws, the tools of the lumberjack trade before the advent of chainsaws and other logging equipment. Lumberjack competitions are popular in North America as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Show organizer Zach Brouse, a world-renowned lumberjack in his own right, is expanding opportunities for women competitors to include six events and a bigger prize purse; he expects twenty or more women to participate.

“Most of the women got started by watching their father or husband,” said Brouse, “And then they said ‘why not us?’ I think they have a sense of empowerment – they’re strong and beautiful.”

Competitors must exhibit incredible strength and speed, agility and precision while chopping and sawing timber in a race against the clock and one another. The disciplines represented by the various events illustrate not only the skill required in the lumberjack trade, but also the dangers faced every day. 

A huge stage has been constructed to showcase the lumberjack challenges, and guests will also enjoy vendor displays and shopping, delicious food and much more, making for a weekend of family-friendly fun in Bedford County’s beautiful outdoors.

The public is welcome to attend the festivities August 9-11; admission is free. For more information, look for the PA Lumberjack Competition and Outdoor Show on Facebook.

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