Women of Conemaugh Nason Medical Center

From Generations Magazine Seventh Issue

In recent years, Conemaugh Nason Medical Center has been breaking the mold in healthcare delivery – in several ways. While women make up the majority of the healthcare workforce, studies show that women make up only one-third of executives in hospitals (according to Becker’s Hospital Review).

From left to right: Kimberly Semelsberger, CPA, MBA, CPPS, Dr. Angela Rowe, Michelle Buttry, MHA, BSN, CIC, CPPS, and Jenn Shade, RN.

At Conemaugh Nason Medical Center, there is a long history of women serving in leadership positions. One such position is the medical Chief of Staff. Dr. Angela Rowe currently serves as the hospital Chief of Staff, as well as being the only female orthopedic surgeon practicing in Blair County. She also served as the first female president of the Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society. Dr. Rowe serves as a role model to employees and staff at Conemaugh Nason of what women in healthcare can achieve. Dr. Elizabeth Dunmore, one of Dr. Rowe’s predecessors that served as the Conemaugh Nason Chief of Staff, now serves as the Vice President of Medical Affairs for the Conemaugh Health System.

In addition to Dr. Rowe serving as Chief of Staff, two other executive suite positions are currently held by women at Conemaugh Nason. Michelle Buttry, MHA, BSN, CIC, CPPS has held the title of Conemaugh Nason Chief Nursing Officer since 2015. She directs the day to day function of all clinical departments in the hospital and, along with Chief Financial Officer Kimberly Semelsberger, was a crucial participant in the recent $3.2 million Cath Lab service line expansion. Michelle is continually focused on high quality and safe patient care. Much of her day involves leader rounding throughout the hospital clinical areas ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of patient care. She is committed to the hospital mission of “Making Communities Healthier.”

Conemaugh Nason CFO Kimberly Semelsberger, CPA, MBA, CPPS has also broken through gender barriers in healthcare leadership with 21 years of service to the Conemaugh Health System. Kimberly leads the hospital’s financial operations, Health Information Management, Information Technology and Facilities Management. She also makes rounds throughout the hospital weekly to ensure the facility, both inside and outside, is a clean and safe environment for staff, patients and visitors and that all departments are functioning seamlessly. Kimberly is one of a very few financial healthcare leaders that has achieved recognition as a Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS). Each of the executive level leaders at Conemaugh Nason has achieved the CPPS certification, one that is consistent with Kimberly’s longstanding belief in the principles of healthcare professionalism. Conemaugh Nason Medical Center Cath Lab director, Jenn Shade, RN, joined the hospital team in 2017 and was an essential leader of the female directed Cath Lab construction. Jenn not only worked daily with the architects, engineers and construction workers, she wrote and had approved all policies and procedures involved with the creation of a completely new service line. A cardiac catheterization is a procedure to examine how well your heart is working. A thin hollow tube called a catheter is inserted into a large blood vessel that leads to your heart. The procedure is used to determine if a patient has disease of their heart vessels. Cardiologists can perform a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) during a heart catheterization procedure. A coronary angioplasty with stenting to open up a narrowed or blocked segment(s) of a coronary artery can be performed during a heart cath. This procedure opens the blocked artery and allows increased blood flow through blocked arteries. In just three months since opening, over 160 caths have been performed at the Conemaugh Nason Cath Lab. Jenn and her team are proud of Conemaugh Nason’s Cath Lab success.

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