Business Opportunities and the Big Screen

Over the past few months, it has become apparent that with a strong community and a strong network of partnerships, you can weather any storm.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, many businesses and organizations were caught in a whirlwind of many unexpected guidelines and closures. The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce stood strong as many of its members and the entire community turned to the Chamber for its partnership, resources, and information as waves of new information flowed out of local, state, and federal government agencies surrounding potential funding and other guidelines and regulations.

Kellie Goodman Shaffer, President & CEO of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, relates that becoming a member of your local Chamber allows you to have credibility with local consumers, as well as to have strong partnerships that will allow your business to survive in any crisis situation.

“When a Declaration of Emergency was made in Pennsylvania, the Chamber went into a crisis management mode,” Kellie shared. “We changed how we interacted with our members, and even our non-members, because we truly wanted all of the businesses to survive in our community.”

Being a member of your local Chamber of Commerce isn’t just for crisis situations, though; it can be a loyalty and reputation builder! Studies show that 7-out-of-10 consumers believed that a business being actively involved in the Chamber demonstrates that it uses good business practices. Becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce allows you to have access to many benefits, including a network of strong, dedicated, and supportive local partners.

The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce knows this well as they plan and execute a new, drive-in theater project taking place at the Bedford County Fairgrounds with many community partners coming together to make it happen in the wake of some trying times. Utilizing the Chamber of Commerce members, as well as their connections, allowed this massive project to be completed within six weeks, truly showing the strength and bond that Bedford County has within its community and businesses and organizations that call it home.

Listen to more updates from the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce as Kellie Goodman Shaffer, President & CEO, joins Deanna Weaverling of Headline Marketing & Communications to discuss the importance of becoming a Chamber member, the excitement coming to Bedford this summer, and more on the latest episode of HMC’s Marketing Minutes Podcast here:

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Cheryl Ebersole
Agency Manager

Deanna Weaverling
Business Development Specialist

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