Photography & Video

Photography & Video Services

At Headline Marketing & Communications, we pride ourselves on being a full-service marketing and creative agency. We can develop, manage, and create photos and videos for your next marketing, advertising or public relations campaign. Our team recognizes the importance of how to use quality photography and video within all of your marketing, especially with digital marketing, like social media and your website. 

We make it easy to produce the quality photography and video you’re looking for. By coming to you, we take the stress out of coordinating staff, managing props, and more. It’s as easy as that!

To raise awareness of the APPRISE Program, a free health insurance counseling program designed to assist Pennsylvanians with Medicare through Blair Senior Services, Inc., we created a 30-second video that explains how participants can be eligible for assistance, counseling, and other benefits via the program. This video was shared on multiple social media channels, the Blair Senior Services, Inc. website, and more.

Dr. George M. Zlupko of the Lung Disease Center of Central PA wanted a way to share his Buzz columns in video format. The HMC team was able to record, edit, and publish multiple videos for Dr. Zlupko to use on his website, social media, and YouTube channel. This is another example of what we can do for our clients to market themselves!

To say “Merry Christmas” to their patients, colleagues, and friends, ENT Associates of Central PA wanted to create a Christmas card that showed the fun and excitement of celebrating Christmas. Using professional photography and the creative skills of our talented team from concept to creation, the Christmas card came to life by taking individual photos and making them look as if they were in a snowglobe.

Celebrating a birthday is something ENT Associates of Central PA didn’t want to miss! Using professional photography and custom graphics created by our talented creative team, the birthday card will be sure to put smiles on every patient!

With the Lung Disease Center of Central Pennsylvania aiming to create a brand image amongst its friendly and trustworthy doctors, original, professionally taken photography was needed. These original photos are then taken, edited, and sometimes used in collaboration, to create advertising for billboards, digital, and print mediums.