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The Bedford County Young at Heart gear up for the 2019 games

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The Bedford County Young at Heart Games participants are a true testimony to the title of this article! This vibrant group of seniors really has the heart it takes to make the games successful. It’s a great time to welcome the warmer weather, get out to enjoy fun activities and see friends that you may not have been in touch with since the previous year.

The games helped us make a lot of new friends and now, we just enjoy seeing everyone and having fun.  

Suzy Lotz

When asked what she and her husband, Bill, think about the games, Suzy Lotz, one of the participants for the last several years said, “When Bill and I first moved to Bedford from Hyndman, we didn’t really know anyone.  The games helped us make a lot of new friends and now, we just enjoy seeing everyone and having fun.”

Bill and Suzy Lotz

Equally responsible for 17 years of accomplishments, the board members have been busy planning the 2019 events. Mick Gordon, Co-Founder and Past President of the games, when asked about the growth and progression he’s witnessed over the years, said, “What a great program this has turned out to be for the residents of Bedford County.  Since 2003 the fun, fellowship and competitive spirits are unbelievable and still going strong. Each year there are many new participants that want to participate.

Bobbi Manges, Co-Founder and Event Coordinator spoke about the community aspect the games offer, not only for the participants, but board members as well, when she added, “Never in a million years did I imagine that the event we created 17 years ago would have had such an impact on those who participate.  The competition among the participants has turned out to be the least important part.  Friendships have been formed since year one that are still going strong today.  We have become a family.  We grieve over the loss of participants from year to year, and share the joy of birth of new grandchildren and other happy news.  It is a great time for the participants to renew old friendships, form new ones, and of course, cheer each other on.”  

2018 Bedford County Young at Heart Games participants play shuffleboard.

This very relationship is what motivates the board, local businesses and individuals who support the group, to ensure each year is better than the last. From fundraising, contacting venues, organizing the events, making arrangements for food preparation, entertainment at the closing ceremony, to choosing a theme, it’s all about making the experience as  memorable as possible. 

This year’s theme is a “Murder Mystery Who-Dun-It” and promises to be filled with suspense, suspicious characters, mayhem and lots of fun. 

For a fee of $15.00, you can take part in as many or few games as you would like. Choose from a wide variety of events like bowling, bocce, baggo, shuffleboard, golf, darts, cards, pool and many others.

The Games kick off Monday, April 29th, 10 a.m., with a luncheon at the Bedford Moose Family Center, 123 South Richard Street in Bedford. Price for the opening is just $5.00 and will offer valuable instruction on this year’s games filled with a storyline and clues for this year’s super-sleuths to solve the crime, you won’t want to miss it!

Early registration deadline is Friday, April 5th to guarantee an official event t-shirt. 

After that, you must sign up for the games no later than the opening luncheon. Closing ceremony will be Wednesday, May 29th, 10:30 a.m. at the Alum Bank Fire Hall.

Last year’s participants had registration forms mailed to them in March, but if you’re new to the games and would like to play, not only are you welcome, but encouraged. You can download and print your own form from the Facebook Page listed below, or find a copy at one of the following locations: 

A group of 2018 Game participants play pool at the Bedford Moose #480.

Bedford County Office Area Agency on Aging, all Bedford County Senior Centers, Down River Golf Course & Country Club, Pennknoll Village, The Bedford Moose, Colonial Courtyard, Donahoe Manor, Lowers Pharmacy, Bedford Elks or Procare Fitness Bedford.

If you’re 50 years of age or older, love good company, making new friends and having fun, come join the The Bedford County Young at Heart Games, where you’re never too old to play.

To learn more about the games call Bobbi at 814-623-8148 or follow Bedford County Young at Heart Games on Facebook at 

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