The Memory of Your Loved One Lives On With Grane Hospice Care’s “Memory Bears”

Grane Hospice Care Altoona believes in not only providing support and care for its patients, but their families as well. Providing comfort for the mind, body and soul for both the patient and the family doesn’t stop when hospice care services end, it’s only the beginning.

One of Grane Hospice Care’s keepsake programs under their volunteer services program is the creation of Memory Bears, which strives to keep the happy memories of a loved one who has passed away.

“These Memory Bears are made with small articles of memorabilia that bring back happy memories of a loved one who has passed. What an honor it is to be able to give these to patient’s families to enjoy for years to come,” explained Kami Nolan, Director of Volunteer Services at Grane Hospice Care Altoona.

One Memory Bear recipient, Ezekiel (Zeke), who was born on April 15, 2020, received his bear made of his great-grandmother’s clothing after she passed away.

“We had Zeke’s great grandma on service even before he was born. This families story is so special because we were able to give this little boy something to hold onto from a family member he was unfortunately never able to meet in person,” shared Tommi Burchfield, Director of Business Development at Grane Hospice Care. “Her memory will live with him forever through the Memory Bear our volunteers graciously made for him.”

The volunteers at Grane Hospice Care give back to families with articles that remind them of their loved one.

“Today and every day, we are extra grateful for our volunteers who make a difference in our patients’ and their families lives. Because of them, we are able to provide families with keepsakes to cherish forever,” Kami shared.

Grane Hospice Care provides nursing care, pain and symptom management, medical equipment and supplies, medication, and emotional, financial, and spiritual counseling to our patients and their families. For more information on services or on the Memory Bears program, visit or call 1-866-383-4156.

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