Timeless Bedford County Traditions: Winter Time

Bedford County carries charm no matter the season, but in the wintertime, it may be hard to find new opportunities or new interests to keep yourself busy in the cold and dreary winter months. The garden has been blanketed in snow, it’s too cold to go on a long walk, and you may just feel like staying indoors. Now what?

While it is easy to stay indoors where it’s warm, cozy and comfortable… that may not always be the healthiest decision. Staying active in the wintertime is essential for overall good health, including your mental health. Staying indoors and not being active during winter can cause feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. Although Bedford County is known for its outdoor activities and gorgeous sights in the spring and summer, there are many things to take advantage of to make this the best winter season yet!

One of the biggest reasons why tourists come to Bedford County is for its history. Not only is Downtown Bedford lined with historical buildings that have been standing since the town was established, but there are also several museums, monuments, and other landmarks that are perfect to visit when the outdoors greets you with the bitter cold. The National Museum of the American Coverlet located in Bedford is the perfect spot to admire historic coverlets dated from 1771 to 1889 or take a visit to the Fort Bedford Museum to observe over 4,000 objects from Bedford’s past. Relive the rich history of coal miners in the county by visiting the Broad Top Coal Miners’ Museum. Visit all of the county’s 14 covered bridges to see their snowy landscape in all its glory. Ready to dive into your own history? Visit the Bedford County Historical Society and explore your own heritage.

If fun and games are of more interest to you, why not grab a group of friends or family and challenge them to a game of bowling at the Bedford Elks Country Club? Gather some friends for a challenge at Trivia Nights at Down River Golf Course, which is always a night full of fun for all. The Bedford County Players are always putting on a grand show to entertain every interest, or if there’s a new feature film on your mind, catch a show at the Pitt Theatre. If you’re looking to spend some time with those who have a little fur and walk on all fours, the Bedford County Humane Society is the perfect place to visit with the animals and possibly take home your new best friend. Ready to brave the elements? Take a short drive to Blue Knob Ski Resort to ski or hike to see some gorgeous winter scenes. Carefully walk along the Bedford Heritage Trail and go bird watching and remember to take photos and share on Timeless Magazine’s Facebook page!

Finally, the many library locations throughout the County are the perfect spot to gather some reading materials for the winter. After all, nothing is better than cozying up with a coffee from your favorite local coffee shop under a warm blanket while doing some great reading. We wish all of our readers a happy, healthy and adventurous winter season!

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