Timeless Exercise Tips: The Holidays Are Over…

The holidays are over, no excuses… We’ve got to do this…

Staying active throughout the winter months can be a real challenge. Days are shorter and with the colder weather outdoors, we often find ourselves inside and doing things that offer little, by way of exercise.

The good news is, there are several ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the next few months.

Gym memberships have a great deal of benefits. Most offer the SilverSneakers program, a health and fitness program for seniors that’s included in many Medicare Plans.

You qualify if:

  • You’re 65 years of age or older
  • Eligible for Medicare
  • Enrolled in either Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan that includes the SilverSneakers program.
  • If you have all of the above, you’re good to go and can contact your local gym to find out what step is next.
  • If you are looking for some activities to do at home, we’ve got some great tips for this too.
  • When beginning an exercise plan, remember to start small. You wouldn’t expect to run a race without preparation. Build your endurance and then reach your goal, gradually.

The same is true for your home work out. You may choose a modified version to start, if one is available. Then over time, building strength and stamina, you may find you no longer need it. As you see results, you may increase the length of your routine as well.

Another great tip to keep you on task, write your goals on a piece of paper and place it somewhere that you’ll see it daily. This visual reminder helps us stay focused and keeps us motivated.

Making this goal a part of your daily routine is also key in maintaining it. If you make it a habit, you’re less likely to forget to do it or put it aside.

Keeping track of your daily progress is another great way to stay motivated. Your daily achievements, like weight loss and endurance, will encourage you to keep going.

Find additional information on living a healthier lifestyle and exercise tips at www.silversneakers.com

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