To Move, or Not To Move: Helpful Tips from Homewood at Spring House Estates

To move or not to move, that is the question that many senior adults ask themselves when thinking about moving to a retirement community. When should I move? What should I look for in a retirement community? These are very good questions.

Choosing when to move and what level of care is unique for each person and their situation. However, there are factors that everyone should consider. Your retirement age and your current health are significant to this decision.

Seniors often need extra care as they age. Some, particularly those confronting health challenges, need regular care that is beyond the scope of what family members or friends are able to provide. In those cases, a personal care facility can greatly improve quality of life. Some seniors have the misconception that living in a personal care home means losing your independence. That can’t be further from the truth. You lose living alone…You lose boredom… You lose fear… You lose household chores.

What would you gain? Chef-prepared meals… daily activities… friends and neighbors… housekeeping services…medication assistance… peace of mind… security.

Some frequently asked questions about Personal Care

Q: Can I come and go as I please?


Q: Can I choose when to get up and when to eat breakfast?

A: YES, at Victoria House at Spring House Estates, we have implemented flexible mealtimes and medication administration schedules to meet individual desires. Victoria House is resident focused. We have a warm, residential setting. We are not homelike, we are HOME.

Q: What should you look for in a community?

A: First, identify what’s important to you. Do you want an urban setting or a peaceful, country setting? Do you have cost levels or is it an all-inclusive rate? Here at Victoria House we have an all-inclusive rate. We do not set prices on a care level program.

Q: How is the food prepared?

A: You should take the opportunity to taste their food and establish that the chef is able to accommodate special diets or make your favorite recipes. The menu should be diverse for all palates and flexible. Will they cater an event for you? Do they have rooms to accommodate a large group?

Q: What amenities are offered?

A: Retirement communities are often packed with amenities and focused on maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Many have indoor pools, spas, golf packages, pet walking programs, walking trails, and an active residents association. Speak freely with current residents to see if they are happy with living at the community and whether they would choose the community again.

Q: What technology is offered?

A: We are living in a world where if you are not connected to the internet… then you are not connected. The questions that you want to ask are: can you access Wi-Fi in your cottage, apartment or Personal Care? Is there a business center available for you to use? Is there a staff member on campus that can assist you with technology issues? Are the apartments, cottages and Personal Care equipped with a 24-hour emergency response system? These are just a few key questions that one should look into before deciding on a community.

To move or not to move is a challenging question. As with most important life changing decisions, do your homework, and ask questions; realize that retirement communities are places where new life begins.

Mary Grattan
Executive Director
Homewood at Spring House Estates Retirement Community & Victoria House Personal Care


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